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jedini regionalni FILMSKI FESTIVAL KOJI M(IJ)ENJA PERSPEKTIVE o invalidnosti

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Seize the Film is an international film festival addressing disability. The festival is held annually,  first in Novi Sad, followed by Rijeka, Banja Luka, and Kotor. Featuring excellent short films and various art programs and workshops, Seize the Film, alongside its audience, changes perspectives.

Not an easy task!
The decision was difficult, but just. A total of 454 films from all over the world entered our film competition for 2023. All films were first checked to see how the theme of disability, or people with disabilities was presented because Uhvati film does not show pathetic stories that support stereotypes and discrimination. After that, guided by the criteria of film quality, but also the importance and originality of the themes, we got new films that change perspectives!

VizuaL. U okviru laureata piše Official selection Uhvati film (logo) Seize the film, 2023
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